As for club news, Alan Meek will be the Match Director for Fredericksburg Practical Shooters for the 2019 season.  Michael Maiatico will be assisting again in 2019.  David Ankeny will again be doing the bulk of the stage design and if you have any suggestions please feel free to send them to fredericksburgps@gmail.com. All club scoring and registration activities are done on Practiscore.com, final scores will still be posted to USPSA. On Practiscore’s website, you will be able to find past match results and upcoming matches. Registration for setup and the regular match registration will also be on Practiscore.com. Online squadding will still be available through Practiscore and match management should be a bit easier.

If you know any new shooters to the sport, or to firearms in general, we suggest an orientation course to get them started safely. Our setup crew on Saturday can get the orientation course, shoot for free, and help setup the match. On Sunday, we will run a quick orientation for newer shooters, so get there early to cover some basic safety guidelines and an introduction to action shooting.

Check-in for the match will open at 8am. The match will start at 9am, on the first sunday of the month (Mar-Nov) at Fredericksburg Rod and Gun Club, match fee is $25.

The course of fire will generally include 5 field courses and 2 classifiers, with a total round count of approximately 120-150 rounds. 

ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL OPEN AT 9:00PM on the Monday before the match weekend, The ONLY way to register for the match is online.  WALK ONS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Registration has moved to Practiscore.com, you can find our matches by clicking the link.

Registration will open when there are at least 8 volunteers, more volunteers make the setup faster and easier. This the last two years we have had a phenominal turn out to help setup.  If you would like to help set make sure to register for setup on Practiscore. Setup volunteers will have the chance to shoot on Saturday (after setup).

You will receive a confirmation email after you have completed your registration.  Once the match fills up, the confirmation email will state that you have been placed on the waitlist. Those on the waitlist will be notified if a spot opens up in the order the registrations were received.  If you register, and are NOT able to make it – please let us know as soon as possible, to allow for those on the waitlist to get into the match.  Habitual “no shows” will be placed on a list that will not get slots in future matches at Fredericksburg.

Guaranteed slots in the match are available for 12 volunteers that are willing to come out and help with set-up SATURDAY MORNING before the 1st Sunday of the month. To ensure that setup crew can shoot the match, arriving ready to go at 7am is key.  To sign-up, visit Practiscore.com, select the SETUP match.  Registration for volunteers is open and will remain open until all slots have been filled. Regular registration won’t open until there are at least 8 volunteers. 

Fredericksburg Practical Shooters 2018 schedule has been posted, check it out and start making plans.

Don’t forget Fredericksburg is a COLD range, handling of firearms can only be done in designated Safe Area’s.  Eye protection must be worn at all times.

See you on the range!

Match Directors,
Alan Meek
Michael Maiatico


Calendar for the 2019 season has been updated, but it’s subject to match type changes. Dates should remain the same. I hope everyone had a great break and some restful holidays. With the weather warming up, get your shooting gear ready to come out and have a good time with us on the range.

General Notes for the 2019 Season:

If you sign up for setup, you not only shoot the match for free but you are also guaranteed a slot in the match. No need to try and get into open registration. I consolidate the setup list and the open registration into one match day list. Help setup, shoot for free and don’t have to fight for a Sunday slot.

If you aren’t in the Facebook Group, ask to join and I’ll approve it. A lot of information is passed or asked in there.